Wentworth and Bland election banner,

This banner was created for Australia’s first ‘national’ political elections held on 15 June 1843.

The embroidered silk banner, was reputedly made by the staff of Dr Bland. Two of these banners are currently held by the Mitchell Library. This is the third known example and has been in the hands of the family of Dr Bland’s domestic staff since 1843. This rare flag will be offered for sale by auction on the 15th September by Barsby Auctions, of Artarmon, Sydney.

Wentworth and Bland successfully stood on a joint ticket for election to the two seats in the Sydney electorate. They campaigned using a white embroidered election banner with the slogan ‘Australia’s Hope and Sydney’s Pride’.  (Reference NSW State Library)

Dr William Bland, an ex-convict, was also a prominent surgeon, humanitarian, social reformer and inventor.
William Charles Wentworth campaigned as a ‘Renegade Whig’ and Dr William Bland as an ‘Emancipist and Liberal’ for the City of Sydney district in the 1843 election.

'Dr William BLAND (1789 - 1868)

Born,  05/11/1789, London, Died 21/07/1868, Place of Death: Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Bland was an elected member of the NSW Legislative Council twice (1843–1848, 1849–1850) for the City of Sydney and after the introduction of responsible government was appointed to the NSW Legislative Council (1858–1861). (Reference Wikipedia)

William Charles Wentworth (13 August 1790 – 20 March 1872 was an Australian explorer, journalist, politician and author, and one of the leading figures of early colonial New South Wales. He was the first native-born Australian to achieve a reputation overseas, and a leading advocate for self-government for the Australian colonies. He was elected to the Council in 1843 for City of Sydney and soon became the leader of the conservative party, opposed to the liberals led by Charles Cowper. (Reference Wikipedia)